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Our guiding principle is to be a global force that fuels the aspirations of future generations.

Because great transformations are worked from day one. For our customers and employees, for society, for everyone.

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At BMA we follow the failproof process. Our talent sourcing varies depending on the role and the market but can go from social media reach to traditional headhunting. Our candidate vetting process, however, follows a strict process to ensure retention, execution, and success. Beginning with motivational compatibility at functional and cultural levels we ensure employee satisfaction in the new role. We also include technical assessments to validate technical knowledge. Finally, we identify behaviors and generate structured interviews to ensure the job context is aligned with the candidate’s proficiency in the execution of the preselected dimensions. The result, an engaged capable, and successful recruit


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BMA Group manages a contingent workforce of thousands of workers in 20+ countries with a 99% client satisfaction rate and less than 1% turnover rate.

Our outsourcing services meet a multitude of needs, from staffing a call center with temp workers to managing complex business process or back office outsourcing projects.

We help you weather contingent workers, independent contractors, two suppliers or a hundred.

Augmented Humanity

Consulting without execution = wishful thinking.

To thrive, your organization must create a functional connection between its current state and its intended or desired state.

BMA Group helps you bridge that gap and bring about transformative changes in your organization.

We don’t stop at giving you a blueprint for strategic HR and business solutions that, if applied, can address your pain points, solve your problems and lead your company to progress and prosperity. We help you build the bridge and close the gap.
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Our team is specialized in serving your business need through these verticals:

Health Care

Life Sciences

Medical Device

Supply Chain


Operation and Admin







Finance & Accounting

Commercial Services

Renewable Energy

Oil and Gas

Over the last 25 years, we have matched companies with the best talent.
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