What we do

Global Workforce

We solve business problems using thought, creativity and innovation.

Through the integration of artificial intelligence, search algorithms and human insight, we identify talent that is aligned at cultural, skills and behavioral levels to create the workforce that evolves with our clients by shaping the future through a strong control of the present.

Our competitive advantage lies in the creation and administration of these different business models for each client. Today we operate on 130 different business models focused on the goals and objectives of our business partners.

Transformational Results

Applied consulting approach delivers meticulously customized human-empowered, tech-driven solutions that produce transformational results and help fuel our clients’ business growth.

Brenda Marrero

CEO at BMA Group and its Divisions

Brenda Marrero

CEO at BMA Group and its Divisions

Who we are

BMA Group

We are a business and talent consulting firm that provides a variety of innovative business solutions to help organizations thrive in today’s ever-evolving global marketplace.

  • Human resources experts since 1997
  • Fortune 100 clients
  • Operations in the Caribbean, mainland U.S., with offices in Puerto Rico, North Carolina, the Dominican Republic, Trinidad & Tobago, Costa Rica and Panamá

Franco Mondo

Executive Vice President for Global Business Development

Franco Mondo

Executive Vice President for Global Business Development

Our team

Brenda Marrero

CEO at BMA Group and its Divisions

Franco Mondo

Senior Vice President for Global Business Development

Yody Luciano


BMA Group Dominican Republic

Puerto Rico Team

BMA Group Puerto Rico

BMA Group Costa Rica

How we do it

Maximizing Your Talent Assets

We use customized, structured and cutting-edge processes to make sure we understand and preserve our clients’ uniqueness and essence when recruiting talent for them.

Our candidates:

Are Motivated

Through the use of a motivational compatibility process, we are able to guarantee that our candidates are aligned with our clients at three levels; functional, cultural, and geographical. This process ensures employee satisfaction and retention.

Know Their Job!

From adding and subtracting to managing information systems; all jobs have technical requirements. BMA ensures the technical needs are validated and tested before presenting the candidates to our clients.


The right behaviors will guarantee success. BMA performs behavioral interviews to validate and measure specific competences required for each job. The results allow our clients to compare the candidates objectively.

Community Involvement

We Care

Our corporate ethics demand that we do the right thing, always.

We believe that prosperity cannot happen in a vacuum.

A strong sense of social responsibility is the compass that guides us to embrace concern, compassion and justice while rejecting neglect, cruelty and injustice.

BMA Group’s corporate social responsibility program connects nonprofit organizations and private businesses to create socially responsible alliances that benefit the surrounding communities.

Among the organizations we work with are Museo de Arte de Ponce, Boys & Girls Clubs of Puerto Rico, Optometry Giving Sight, Hogar Nueva Esperanza, Conservatorio de Música, the Royal Baseball Team for Kids, and charities run by companies such as Coca Cola and La Cruz Azul.