Strategies for Retaining Talent in the Cell & Gene Therapy Industry

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The Cell and Gene industry is growing faster than the average occupation.  In this sector, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicates that the percentage of growth for 2021 to 2031 is 18% higher than the average occupation. This industry is growing at an accelerated pace as we grow in genetic research as a society.  

Cell and Gene engineering is an advanced way to contain disease by changing DNA structures. Unfortunately, the Cell and Gene engineering industry is undergoing a talent shortfall. This shortfall is due to the deficit in retention. There are 300 opening employment gaps in the genetic industries produced each year, and most of these openings are caused by the need to replace workers. This scarcity includes all levels of seniority, from technicians, engineers, genetic counselors, manufacturers, and executives.   

The key to retaining talent in the Gene and Cell sector is employee engagement. It’s not only having an excellent line of communication or an open-door policy. That will not fix the issue or improve employee engagement. Having a work culture centered on interaction has shown how effective it aligns with performance development and human resources strategies. Engaged employee organizations reported an 81% improvement in absenteeism and a 14% increase in productivity. By changing this approach, companies have seen an increase in employee retention. The Cell and Gene Industry has high-demanding, stressful jobs, which is why it’s important to maintain employee engagement and satisfaction. The way of achieving these results relies on treating talent as stakeholders. 

BMA Group Global knows how hard it is to navigate this ever-changing talent market. With the implementation of our methodology, we can guarantee that our workforce is motivated, trained, and successful in their functions. Our methodology is made up of structured interviews that validate competencies, soft skills, motivational resources, and a complete background check. This rigorous process forms a complete profile of candidates with the information necessary to understand and compare qualified candidates in a consistent and objective way. This means that our candidates will perform their duties satisfactorily and be motivated and engaged. 

BMA Group has the perfect structure to solve the need for a labor force in the Cell and Gene Industry with the implementation of an innovative recruitment strategy specific and focused on the business model of our collaborators. So that the goals and objectives are met through the talent that meets the needs of the company to achieve success. 

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